Walker & Associates: Who We Are


Name Title Email address Phone
R. Douglas Walker President dwalker@walkeragency.com 317-759-9323
Pam Hecklinski Producer/Vice-President pam@walkeragency.com 317-759-9306


Name Title Email address Phone
Pat Bower Account Sales Executive pat@walkeragency.com 317-759-9319
Dave Burnett Benefits Agent dave@walkeragency.com 317-759-9334
Holly Gill-Gaither Professional Liability Agent holly@walkeragency.com 317-759-9320
Stephanie Hecklinski Professional Liability Agent stephanie@walkeragency.com 317-759-9329
Mark Lynch Account Sales Executive mark@walkeragency.com 317-759-9324
Al Moss Account Sales Executive a.moss@walkeragency.com 317-986-2605
Leeann Walker Murray Account Sales Executive leeannbluesky@gmail.com 317-353-8000
Kristen Sprunger Walker Professional Liability Agent kristen@walkeragency.com 317-759-9321
Brian Sullivan Account Sales Executive brian@walkeragency.com 317-759-9325
Kevin Troy Account Sales Executive kevin@walkeragency.com 317-986-2604
Matt Wilhelm Account Sales Executive matt@walkeragency.com 317-759-9310


Name Title Email address Phone
Peggy Armour Business Accounts Agent peggy@walkeragency.com 317-759-9332
Jessica Crews Professional Liability Accounts Agent jessica@walkeragency.com 317-759-9331
Laura Lawson Business Accounts Agent laura@walkeragency.com 317-986-2603
Rita Nale Business Accounts Agent rita@walkeragency.com 317-759-9318
Brenda Russell Business Accounts Agent brenda@walkeragency.com 317-759-9312


Name Title Email address Phone
Beth Chesser Personal Accounts Agent bchesser@walkeragency.com 317-759-9304
Sarah Cooke Personal Accounts Agent sarah@walkeragency.com 317-759-9308
Denise Craig Personal Accounts Agent denise@walkeragency.com 317-759-9149
Julie Dunne Personal Accounts Agent julie@walkeragency.com 317-986-2602
Lori Edwards Personal Accounts Agent lori@walkeragency.com 317-759-9302
Ruby Elf Personal Accounts Agent ruby@walkeragency.com 317-759-9316
Mashell Grubb Personal Accounts Agent mashell@walkeragency.com 317-759-9311
Mary Howe Personal Accounts Agent mary@walkeragency.com 317-759-9303
Sarah McKee Personal Accounts Agent smckee@walkeragency.com 317-759-9326
Debbie Mock Personal Accounts Agent debbie@walkeragency.com 317-759-9307
Nancy Stafford Personal Accounts Agent nancy@walkeragency.com 317-759-9309
Name Title Email address Phone
Dorinda Crawmer Receptionist dorinda@walkeragency.com 317-759-9328
More than 9,000 customers in Central Indiana trust Walker & Associates for their insurance.

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