Assessing the Scene of an Accident

Automobile accidents often happen, even to the most careful of drivers.  Even if you walk away from a vehicle accident unharmed and have a reliable and active Indiana Automobile Insurance Policy, you still need to assess the scene of an accident thoroughly. Follow these helpful tips to ensure your assets are protected.

The Insurance Information Institute recommends taking the following steps as soon as possible at an accident scene:

Pull Over and Seek Emergency Help for Major Accidents

If possible, move your vehicle to a safe spot on the shoulder of the road. First, check on the occupants of your car and any others involved. Then, call 911 for assistance if the accident is serious and give concise details about your location so EMS or the police can respond quickly.

For Less Serious Accidents, Gather Information and Call Police

Once occupants are accounted for and safe, assess damage to your car. Notify the police, just know that in some cases officers are not able to respond to minor accidents. If officers do come to the scene, politely request their names and badge numbers and ask how you can receive a copy of the accident report they file. If police are not able to respond, you will need to go to the police station to file a report or do so on the police department’s website.

Don’t Leave the Scene Without Data…

Don’t let occupants of other involved cars (or witnesses) leave before you get their information. If another car is involved, take down the driver’s license number; insurance company and account number; car registration; and year, make, model, and color of the car.

Exchange phone numbers and email addresses with those who are a part of the accident. Take photos of the positions of the vehicles involved and damage to either vehicle. Note the exact time and location of the collision. Make sure not to divulge information about your insurance coverage to the other party. Be respectful and avoid discussing blame or upsetting the other party. Stick to the facts.

Don’t Delay: Begin the Claims Process Right Away

While the accident details are fresh in your mind, contact your insurer via phone, email, or mobile reporting app if applicable. You’ll likely communicate with several individuals during the claims process. Make note of names, titles, and phone numbers of anyone you speak to on the phone, and keep copies of all documents and e-mails.

No one wants to be involved in an accident. Many, many drivers will. Remain calm, respectful of all involved parties, and organized. If you have great insurance, soon you’ll be back behind the wheel of your car and back to your life. Call Walker & Associates Insurance at (888) 760-7292 for a free auto insurance quote.