Autumn Homeowners Maintenance Tips

It’s absolutely true that your Indiana Homeowners Insurance policy safeguards you from myriad risks. If your home is vandalized or robbed, burns down, or is impaled by a tree limb, your home insurance policy will pay out so you can repair or replace what you’ve lost. That is peace of mind at its finest. Knowing that you are protected is wonderful. Still, you would probably prefer to take steps to avoid the need to file an insurance claim. No homeowner wants their home to be damaged. The approach of a new season is the ideal time to prepare your home so you don’t fall victim to the biggest risks your home will face next season. Heed these autumn homeowners maintenance tips so your home makes it to spring unscathed.

Give Your Pipes Some Love

Many Indiana fall and winter days drop below the freezing mark. Safeguard your exposed exterior water pipes by wrapping them in foam insulation. When the forecast calls for a deep freeze, before you go to bed turn off the valves to the outside hose bibs and then drain all water from the pipes so it doesn’t freeze and cause a burst pipe.

Evaluate Your Filters and Insulation

Furnace and HVAC filters should be replaced regularly – definitely in the beginning of fall. This will reduce dust and allergens and reduce the likelihood of deadly carbon monoxide building up in your home. Venture up to the attic to evaluate the condition of your insulation. If it appears worn or you see uninsulated spaces, purchase a roll of insulation, unroll it paper side up, and place sections of insulation between joists and anywhere else cold winds may infiltrate.

Winterize Your Garden

Fall is time to help your perennials hibernate for winter. If you have plants that need moving or divided, do so before the first freeze. Because freezes will kill annuals, go ahead and remove them now since they’ll die sooner or later. After the first freeze, apply a thick layer of mulch to your perennials but make sure not to cover up the middle of the plant. If you cover the main part of the plant, it may not receive enough airflow and it could rot over the coming months.

Your home is your castle. Walk through your kingdom, spend a weekend or two on fall prep work, make sure your insurance is in force, and prepare to hibernate in comfort. For the insurance aspect of your winter prep, contact us at Walker & Associates Insurance, (888) 760-7292!