Employee Road Safety Recommendations

If your employees drive during the course of their jobs, you should be aware of the following sobering statistics from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Every 5 seconds a vehicle collision occurs in the United States, every 12 minutes a person dies, and every 10 seconds a person is injured in a collision. As a business owner, not only should you make sure you have an iron-clad Indianapolis Commercial Auto Liability policy, you also should implement employee road safety recommendations to reduce the risks that your workers become involved in a crash.

Mandatory Driver’s Safety Programs Save Lives and Money

If your employees drive on the job, it’s essential to let them know you take safety seriously. Insist that all employees complete a driver’s safety program (and repeat it annually or biannually based on how much on-the-job driving they do.) Training can be conducted internally or outsourced to a driver’s education provider.

Additionally, draft a written policy defining acceptable and unacceptable workplace driving protocols. Include such things as no cell-phone use, alcoholic beverages, eating while driving, and requirements to stop at all railroad crossings, etc. Make sure all employees understand and sign this policy. If you discover unsafe driving patterns, you’ll be able to use this document as grounds for discipline or dismissal.

Embrace a Carrot-and-stick Approach

As the adage goes, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” While you absolutely want to be clear about your expectations about what is and is not allowed while driving on the job, reward employees for clean driving records. Safe driving saves your business money. Set a company-wide goal (such as six consecutive months with no traffic tickets or accidents.) When employees collectively reach this goal, reward them. Depending on the number of employees, you may decide to choose a monetary reward, a catered luncheon, or special privileges or recognition. Working toward this shared goal will make safe driving part of your business’ culture and create a sense of camaraderie and accountability among your employees.

Your employees are your most valuable assets. Your emphasis on safe driving will reduce financial losses and keep your employees safe. Make sure they know your policies are designed to protect them. Whether you use one vehicle or a fleet to conduct business, you absolutely need a comprehensive commercial auto liability policy. Call Walker & Associates Insurance at (888) 760-7292 for a free quote. We can also provide valuable tips to help you minimize driving-related losses.