Employee Safety on the Road

Whether one employee or an entire fleet of drivers operates your commercial vehicles, safety should be the first priority. In addition to equipping your vehicles and drivers with Indiana Commercial Auto Insurance, consider the following safety tips.

Watch Blind Spots- Regardless of the vehicle type, blind spots are inevitable. As most other motorists are unaware of the blind spots, it is up to the driver to be aware of the collision risk while operating the vehicle. Crucial areas to be mindful of include the vehicle’s sides right behind the mirrors and directly behind the truck.

Load Cargo Wisely- Be cognizant of the way in which cargo is stacked in the truck. Not only can cargo block your driver’s vision, but it can create an unsafe environment. Experts recommend stacking cargo evenly throughout the space of the vehicle which will improve fuel economy and allow the vehicle to travel more safely.

Maintain the Vehicle- Regularly check fluid levels, safety features like the horn and blinkers, and ensure that mirrors are in good working order. The most important feature to maintain is the brakes. As so much weight is put on them daily, they are more likely to reach critical levels in a short period of time. If anything unusual is noticed, document it and don’t allow the employee to drive the vehicle until it is repaired.

Adjust to Driving Conditions- If there is road work or bad weather, driving should be adjusted accordingly. According to Am Fam, adverse weather conditions contribute to 25 percent of speeding-related fatalities so speed should be reduced by one third on wet roads and even more on snowy roads.

At Walker & Associates Insurance, we strive to protect your business from the broad scope of risks you might face. Our commercial auto coverage covers bodily and property damage, medical payments, collision coverage, and more to give you and your drivers peace of mind. For more information on our products and services, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable specialists at (888) 760-7292.