Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As summer approaches, you’re undoubtedly preparing for a season of fun-in-the-sun, packed with vacations, road trips, and plenty of lazy days on the beach or by the pool. There’s something else you should plan for before the intense summer heat hits: Plan to get your home ready for summer. Summer is the ideal time to check items off of your home maintenance to-do. Yes, your Indiana Homeowners Insurance policy will protect you should common household disasters strike. But, prevention is always preferable! Spruce up your home, save money, and boost safety by tackling the following easy tasks.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Now that the threat of ice has passed, summer is the ideal time to carefully scale your ladder and clear leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters. Clogged gutters aren’t able to function properly. Rainwater won’t be able to flow neatly to the downspouts, but will pool and potentially damage your house. Once you’ve removed debris fill the gutters with water from a garden hose so you can ensure there are no leaks, and that water is flowing through the downspouts.

Clean Your Dryer’s Vent Pipe

You may be shocked to learn that built up lint in clothing dryer pipes and hoses cause approximately 15,000 fires per year. You’ll significantly reduce your fire risk by removing the dryer hose and vent cover, removing accumulated lint, and thoroughly vacuuming these components. According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryer fires are often caused by a failure to clean out your lint filter.

Prepare Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans get a workout in summer. Clean the tops of fan blades so they don’t distribute dust. Additionally, make sure fans’ blades are positioned so the leading edges are higher when the fan is moving. Positioning the blades in this manner will push cool air down, which is exactly where you want it.

Check Your Deck

You’ll undoubtedly be spending more time outdoors during summer, and that means more foot traffic for your deck. Now is the ideal time to look for and replace or repair any loose or rotting boards to reduce tripping hazards. Pressure wash your deck to clean it. After it has thoroughly dried, apply a sealant to protect the wood from moisture and spills.

Summer is here! Enjoy it, enjoy your home, and enjoy the peace of mind that you’re protected with a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. Call us at Walker & Associates Insurance, (888) 760-7292, for a free quote.