Help Your Employees Return to Work With 3 Steps

There are numerous reasons your employees would need to take medical leave. For example, if they were injured on the job or they have a personal medical condition that needs tending, they might be out of work for weeks or even months. While your business is your priority, the employees who work hard for you are still human, and a little bit of effort and compassion goes a long way. In this blog, we’ll explore the 3 simple steps you can take to get your employees back to work in a timely manner while simultaneously respecting their conditions. Most importantly, protect your employees and your bottom line with an IN Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.

Establish a RTW program.

A return to work program is the best way to ensure injured employees (or those on medical leaves) have a plan to get back into their roles. According to Small Business Trends, here are the top benefits of implanting this program:

  • Reduce the probability of fraudulent claims,
  • Allow a business to receive production in return for wages being paid,
  • Save costs of training and replacing employees,
  • Speed up the healing process for the individual,
  • Promote good morale throughout the organization,
  • Help the employee stay mentally and physically acclimated to the work schedule,
  • Reduce negative financial impact of the injury or illness.


From the moment the employee is injured up until the point of him or her returning to their regular job duties, communication is paramount. If the employee has to take a medical leave of absence for an injury not relating to their job, it’s still important to keep in contact with them to see how they’re doing, their recovery process, and when he or she is expected to return. An injured employee is not a forgotten employee.

Accommodate the employee.

Making simple accommodations is a great way for the employee to get back into their routines without overexerting themselves. You’ll want to facilitate a smooth transition and make reasonable adjustments to ensure the employee feels cared for physically, mentally and emotionally.

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