Helping Your Employee Get Back to Work: Accommodations

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In this series of posts, we’ve covered some of the biggest components in getting your employees back to work after an injury or leave of absence, including establishing a Return to Work Program and effective communication. In this final installment, we’ll take a closer look at how employers can make reasonable accommodations for their injured employees to get them back to work quickly. In addition, protect your business’ bottom line and provide the necessary coverage to your employees with a comprehensive and tailored IN Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.

It’s the employer’s legal duty to accommodate the employee as they return to their original roles. According to lawyer Kelly Santini, the following are expected:

  • Take an active role in ensuring that alternative approaches and possible accommodation solutions are investigated, and canvass various forms of possible accommodation and alternative solutions, as part of the duty to accommodate.
  • Limit requests for information to those reasonably related to the nature of the limitation or restriction so as to be able to respond to the accommodation request.
  • Grant accommodation requests in a timely manner, to the point of undue hardship, even when the request for accommodation does not use any specific formal language.
  • Cover medical expenses related to their accommodation, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and notes.
  • Seek expert medical advice regarding the employee’s condition and treatment.
  • Accept the recommendation for accommodation in good faith.
  • Investigate potential fraud if there are red flags.

To avoid potential conflicts, avoid procrastinating on accommodating the employee, identify their new roles in writing to share with their medical providers, and document the requests and accommodations made.


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