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In this series of posts, we’ve covered some essentials for ensuring your employees get back to work promptly, including how to establish an effective Return to Work (RTW) program. One of the most critical features for getting injured employees back to work is communication. We’ll provide some tips on how to remain in contact with injured employees in order to understand their diagnosis, when they plan on returning, and to uphold morale. Most importantly, protect your employees and your bottom line with an IN Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.

According to Workplace Health and Safety Electrical Safety Office Workers’ Compensation Regulator, consider the following tips for communicating with your employees:

  • Make contact as soon as you are aware of an injury, and maintain regular contact throughout the rehabilitation process. It is a good idea to discuss the timing and frequency of contact at the outset to ensure the worker is comfortable. Contacting the worker too frequently could be perceived as prying or placing pressure on the worker to return to work.
  • Identify the most appropriate person in your organization to maintain contact with the injured worker. Ideally this should be someone the injured worker has a level of trust and rapport with. Research has shown injured workers like their supervisors to maintain contact with them following an injury.
  • Even if you’re focused on the business aspect, be sure to show empathy to your employees who have suffered injuries or psychiatric disabilities.
  • Include employees in regular business communication such as emails, updates, and newsletters. It’s also recommended that you send your employees a signed get well card from everyone in office to show you care about their well-being.

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