Holiday Decoration Tips

Now that your Thanksgiving leftovers have been polished off and the Black Friday craziness has subsided, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and decorate for the holidays still to come! Side note: twinkling lights and sparkly Christmas trees are irresistible to thieves, so make sure your Indiana Home Insurance is sufficient and in force. Then, heed the following holiday decoration tips from Real Simple magazine. Because decorating doesn’t have to be difficult!

Minimalist Mantel

It’s easy to fall victim to the more is the more decorating mentality. Over the years you’ve probably accumulated quite the collection of holiday bling. It’s easy to overdo it. One area of the house that’s ripe for décor overkill is the mantel. For an unexpectedly sophisticated touch, embrace a subdued mantel décor. A classic wreath, a few taper candlesticks, and a touch of evergreen is a refined and elegant way to decorate this focal point.

Clip Your Cards

An ages-old holiday question is, “Once I’ve opened those adorable holiday cards, what should I do with them?” You could display them on the mantel … but that counteracts our aforementioned decorating tip. Instead, use clothespins to clip them onto a festive ribbon that is woven along your staircase banister. No stairs? Drape the ribbon of cards along with a doorway.

Combine Crafting and Culinary Expertise

Why not make a lovely centerpiece that is eye-catching … and edible? Display festive candies in vases or display a gingerbread house and tell guests it’s meant to double as dessert.

Let There Be Snow

Indiana’s holiday weather is unpredictable. If flurries are not in the forecast, make your own faux snow! String together small silver and white gift bows on clear fishing line. When you hang the line from a window, it resembles snow flakes!

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