Holiday Marketing Tips

With the height of the holiday shopping season right around the corner, it’s time to make sure your Indiana Business Insurance policy is sufficient to protect you from the risks associated with increased holiday crowds. It’s also time to put the finishing touches on your holiday marketing blitz. If you’re still scrambling to determine the best way to lure holiday shoppers to your business, here are some helpful holiday marketing tips.

Make Your Customers the Star of Your Campaign

Using customer testimonials to woo potential customers is incredibly effective, says an article in Entrepreneur magazine. When you tout the benefits of your products or services, your audience is underwhelmed. You’re selling those products and services, so you have a vested interested in making people believe they’re great. Positive reviews from customers who have used your products or services have great things to say, though, are valuable because the customers don’t have a horse in the race, so to speak. Invite customers to submit testimonials, photos, or videos expounding on the benefits of what you’re selling. Feature these in your social media and print advertising.

Team up With Your Team

Invite your employees to spread the word about your holiday promotions or sales with their social networks. Not only will it serve as free advertising that will probably be seen by hundreds or perhaps thousands of people, it’s incredibly valuable advertising. Social media users tend to trust their friends’ recommendations.

Tug at Heart Strings

During the holidays, even the most pragmatic shoppers are receptive to sentimental marketing messages. There’s a reason why most of the commercials and advertisements you see during the holidays stress feel-good messages like “home for the holidays” and “giving thanks” – these messages resonate with shoppers.

Give them an Early Gift

While good cheer and warm, fuzzy feelings are abundant during the holidays, money isn’t for many shoppers. If you offer the biggest discounts and most valuable coupons you can afford to, many customers will find them impossible to resist.


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