Holiday Safety: Halloween Decoration Tips

Halloween spirit can be shared by both adults and children alike. Although jack-o-lanterns, various spooky decorations, and costumes are staples of the holiday, they can pose serious fire and safety hazards. In order to have a pleasant Halloween and guarantee the safety of your home and trick-or-treaters, ensure your Indianapolis Homeowners Insurance is up to date and follow these essential guidelines.

Mind your Decorations- Jack-o-lanterns should be placed out of direct reach of children and away from walkways where someone might trip or accidentally brush their costume over them. While decorations like dried corn stalks and flowers may look festive, ensure they are placed away from any open flames, as well.

Fire Hazards- Rather than using a candle, try illuminating your jack-o-lanterns with battery operated lights. This reduces the risk of fire and still looks beautiful. Next, try using Christmas lights to light pathways and adorning trees.

Pet Safety- Keep your four-legged friends away from the excitement of the night, if possible. The ASPCA  reminds you that scared animals may dart out the front door. Even friendly pets can become skittish when hyper kids show up at the door throughout the night. Therefore, they should be kept away from constant company and candy, which could be lethal to your pets if ingested.

Clear the Way- Keep walkways, driveways, and pathways clear of debris and indicate a clear entrance and exit on the property, especially if you are hosting a haunted house.  Loose railings should be fixed, overgrown weeds and foliage should be trimmed, and decorations should be carefully placed in a location that won’t obstruct trick-or-treaters.

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