House Hunting Guide: Creating a Wish List

If you’re like most house hunters, you might be struggling with what you need versus what you want. While everyone wants a perfect house, it’s important to factor in the way you and your family utilize your home. Envisioning the big picture can help you create a wish list that’s right for your needs for the price point you’re prepared to spend. Read on to discover how to create the best house hunting wish list and protect your home with an Indianapolis Home Insurance policy.

Focus on the big picture.

Big picture concepts should be honed in on first to determine what kind of home and where you’re willing to search, and the details will fall into place after. Examples of these could include closeness to schools, transportation and shopping, whether you prefer an urban or suburban feel, and anything that would absolutely kill your interest in a listed property, explains Adam Parsons.

Iron out the details.

Narrow down the details that are must-haves versus things that would be nice to have. Consider the number of bedrooms, laundry, mudroom, storage, yard size and more when determining if the house is the right fit for you. Remember that no single house is perfect, and compromising is a must. However, features that cannot be easily fixed, such as structural work, square footage and bedrooms should be considered more seriously. Features such as paint, wallpaper and popcorn ceilings might not look as stunning as you’d hoped, but they’re simple (and relatively inexpensive) to fix.


The “perfect” house you envision in your head likely doesn’t exist, but the house you choose with your wish list and must-haves will ensure you choose the property that’s best suited for you. It’s important to let your wish list guide you, but be willing to bend and compromise. The house-hunting process doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re armed with knowledge about what your family needs.


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