House Hunting: Needs Versus Wants

When envisioning buying a home, prospective homeowners likely have a tedious list of “must-haves.” However, deciphering between a musthave versus a want is a major step to narrowing down the home buying process. Depending on your budget, you’ll need to have realistic expectations on what you can afford, what your deal breakers are, and which items you can DIY for a lower cost. As we explore how to determine the musts from the lusts, protect your home with an Indianapolis Home Insurance policy.

Make a list of wants.

Everything from walk-in closets to a giant kitchen island, jot down on a notepad that’s easy for you to trek around. If you have a spouse or partner, consult with them to find out their wants, as well.  For things that both you and your partner desire, keep those items high on the list of importance.

Determine what’s better purchased versus created yourself.

Big ticket items such as number of bedrooms, square footage, structural work, and windows are things that are better considered before buying. To renovate any of these things would be an investment, so look for a home with great “bones.”

Items like paint, floors, light fixtures, doors, and popcorn ceilings are simple fixes, so even if the house is great but these items need a little TLC, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Bring the list.

Once the list is complied, take it with you to all of the houses you view and mark items off the checklist to get a better visual of each house. Focus on the big-ticket items and things that both you and your partner really want when viewing each home.

As you’re out looking at houses, keep your list handy. Maybe you’re not willing to give up hardwood floors for a jetted tub, but would you be willing to compromise for a jetted tub and extra square footage? Refer back to your must-haves list often. It’s easy to get distracted, explains House Logic.

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