If You’re a New Restaurant Owner, Do This

In our last post, we discussed the common detrimental mistakes that new restaurant owners make. While there are a lot of hats to wear and various pitfalls to avoid, we have comprised a list of things that will improve your restaurant and get you off to a good start. Read on to discover legal, operational and functional steps to complete to ensure your own success. Next, secure your operation with an Indianapolis Restaurant Insurance program.


Acquiring licenses is not only necessary, it’s required. To operate lawfully within your state, you’ll need the following licenses before your grand opening:

  • Business license – Fill out the necessary forms to comply with local, federal and state laws.
  • Liquor license – Review your city’s laws about giving liquor licenses and what it takes to acquire one to serve alcohol in your restaurant.
  • Food handling license – Sanitation and food handling practices are required to be taken by some states before opening. If your state requires this, it could mean taking and passing a course, so plan ahead.
  • Building license – This ensures your building is up to code, has the proper fire exits, and obtains occupancy capacity.

Hire a capable chef.

This should go without saying, but the chef is going to set the tone for the entire restaurant. When looking at a potential chef’s experience and credentials, it is important to note prior establishments she has worked at and the pace of each. Your chef needs to be able to keep up with the pace of your new business and be able to handle the volume of orders expected during a rush. In addition, your chef needs to be able to direct other staff members calmly during these busy times. Therefore, you will need to look into your potential chef’s leadership experiences as well, explains Orders 2 Me.

Build a website.

In a digital age, it’s expected that your online presence is not only functional, but easy to navigate and order from. If you’re not tech-savvy, invest in someone who is. This will serve as the face of your store online, so ensure it’s professional and reflects your culture, food, service and dynamic.


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