Improving Your Restaurant’s Customer Service

Apart from being served quality meals, your customers seek an entire experience from your restaurant. Starting from the minute they walk in the door and ending when they leave after a meal, there are countless opportunities for your staff to wow your guests. In this blog, we’re going to provide some insights into how you can improve your overall service and keep customers coming back for more time and time again, which can minimize Indianapolis Restaurant Insurance claims.

Provide thorough customer service training.

Training your staff to think about your customer’s needs is something that any restaurant owner can benefit from.

Encourage them to think in terms of customer care, which goes beyond basic service. The care concept includes such simple steps as looking customers in the eye, smiling at them and greeting them promptly, as well as measures such as anticipating their needs, such as refilling water glasses before they’re empty or bringing extra napkins for customers who order messy finger food. Timing is another aspect of customer care. Serve drinks and appetizers promptly, minimize the time between courses and don’t clear away dishes before the customer has had time to finish her meal, says Small Business Chronicle.

Keep up appearances.

This isn’t usually a good thing, but when it comes to restaurants, appearances are important. Your staff are a reflection of your restaurant, so set clear standards when it comes to hygiene, hair, attire, and makeup.

Evaluate customer interactions.

Some people are innately service oriented, and others aren’t. Take some time to casually evaluate your staff’s interactions with your customers. Make suggestions where needed and be sure to praise them for the areas in which they’re exceeding.

Ask for feedback.

The best way to find out how customers feel about your service is to ask them. Take the time to inquire about their experience and gather important feedback.

Rather than focusing on just the food, ask specific questions about the service they received and what aspects of their experience they would cite when recommending the restaurant to friends. Consider offering an incentive for suggestions that are adopted, such as a free appetizer or dessert, or a free round of drinks on their next visit.


Take the feedback you receive from customers in person or online and develop processes to improve. For example, if service is slow, schedule more people during that time. Establish a rule that all customers must be greeted within three to five minutes of sitting down.


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