Are You a New Manager? Avoid These Mistakes

Whether you have just landed a managerial position with a new company or you’ve been promoted to manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. You’re also subject to myriad of new risks. First and foremost, make sure you secure an Indiana Management Liability Insurance Policy right away to protect you from these risks. Next, learn from the following managerial mistakes so you can avoid them.

Failing to Gel with Those Who Report Directly to You

Especially if you have been promoted and find yourself supervising those who used to be your peers, you have to establish a comfortable rapport with those you supervise. If you’re respectful, positive, and non-patronizing, you’ll motivate your team. They will want to help you succeed in your new role.

Becoming Too Friendly With Your Coworkers

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, several studies confirm that employees who feel they are friends with their coworkers are more productive and happier. When you’re the manager, your challenge is to cultivate a friendly workplace atmosphere but to set yourself apart so you can effectively manage your team.

Changing Things Too Quickly

When you are the new manager, you are also essentially a new employee. You have a new role, with new responsibilities. If you show up and announce a sweeping reorganization plan, you risk alienating your team. Take time to listen, learn, and gain trust; then implement your changes.

As a new manager, some mistakes are easier to prevent than others. To make sure you’re not in a predicament that leaves you wishing you have insurance when you need it, call us at Walker & Associates Insurance. If you aren’t sure exactly what coverage you need, don’t worry. We are here to help! We are available to help you look over your options thoroughly. Call us today at (888) 760-7292 to get started.