No Cyber Security Training is Complete Without These Simple Topics

Cyber security threats are becoming more complex and will only continue to rise as technology grows more advanced. Instead of trying to stop the train altogether, the focus should be to slow it down. What can help combat these threats is a push to understand them better through education and hands-on training.

Businesses large and small are starting to see just how having a lack of security can affect not only their business, but their client-base as well. Sensitive information can end up being unprotected and vulnerable.

Instilling an Atmosphere of Education

It’s important to have a running knowledge of the very basics of cyber threats at least. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Coordinating and conducting regular training for your employees is critical in outfitting a modern work environment aware of the risks.

The first step for the company as a whole is to invest in specialized insurance that can help guard against breaches in data security. Looking into local cyber security insurance options will only help inspire awareness. Additionally, it’s good to know some of the trending threats that offices of all types face in cyber security. Here are some things to think about when training employees to practice better security habits in the area of data sensitivity:

  • Password security: Unfortunately it isn’t stressed enough how important a unique password is when warding off hackers. Creating a very easy-to-crack password, such as 1234 or ABCD, is basically asking data intruders to take information from you. Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and use a variety of symbols, numbers, letters, etc. Default passwords should be changed the moment someone is added to a team and regular password updates should be scheduled.
  • Phishing: Staff should be trained to be aware of phishers and to know what to be on the lookout for. If an email from an unknown source contains an attachment they should never open it and notify IT security right away. What’s more, sensitive information sent via email is never the best route and should be handled with caution. This can be financial information, company information, etc.
  • Malware: Much like phishing, malware can be disguised as something non-threatening, but end up opening up your system to threats. Certain websites can also be unsafe and clicking on pop-ups is never a safe thing to consider doing.

While this information may seem boilerplate, it’s often the most pedestrian things that end up causing the most harm.

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