Walker & Associates: Providing Individual Health Insurance Options

Purchasing individual Health insurance can seem quite complicated today with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its various provisions and sifting through the different options to determine what makes sense for you or your family. Walker & Associates can help you get coverage through the Indiana Health Care Exchange or provide you with options through our insurer partners outside the exchange.

There are many options available in health care plans that respond to one’s personal needs. For example, young, healthy individuals might prefer major medical care that is available for emergencies and catastrophic diagnoses, but that doesn’t have a lot of coverage for chronic disease management. Elderly people with known problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, might need a more expensive policy with more ongoing care options.


What to Evaluate in a Health Plan

In choosing an individual Health Insurance, you need to consider:

  • Affordability (total cost)
  • Coverage and benefits
  • Access to doctors and hospitals
  • Exclusions and limitations
  • Health and wellness resources

Our staff will work with you on your personal situation to determine the right policy for you. We’ll also help you assess your financial capacity to share in the costs of medical services—a higher deductible can mean substantial savings on premiums, but you have to be able to keep funds in reserve to pay your deductible. We’ll also help you understand how coinsurance payments work so you know exactly what you’re buying.

More than 9,000 customers in Central Indiana trust Walker & Associates for their insurance.

We invite you to learn more about how we can help protect all that’s important to you as well as your hard work. Give us a call at (800) 213-7126 to speak with one of our professionals.