Moving Up: Promoting Within Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, you work long hours and probably consider your business an investment and a labor of love. Especially in light of the tremendous popularity of reality TV shows, such Master Chef and Chopped, odds are high that some of your employees aspire to rise through the ranks of your restaurant. Servers may aspire to become managers, hostesses may aspire to become line cooks, sous chefs may aspire to one day take over the kitchen. Your Indiana Restaurant Insurance  policy protects you from myriad risks. However, hiring decisions are yours alone. Here are some thoughts on promoting from within your restaurant.

Pros of Promoting from Within

A recent study conducted by an assistant professor at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School concluded that employers pay outside hires more (18%), and rank their performance less than internal hires. Outsiders possessed more education and experience, the study found, but they didn’t know the ropes like insiders did. Apparently, no amount of education or can overshadow familiarity with the ins and outs of a specific organization (restaurant). Hiring from within significantly reduces the dreaded “learning curve” and allows promoted employees to hit the ground running.

Besides the fact that internal hires need less training, they stand as an example to other employees. Employees who see that there is a path from Point A to Point B in an organization are more motivated to perform well to strive for a promotion.

Caveat: Not Everyone is an Ideal Candidate

While it often makes sense to promote from within, sometimes it doesn’t. When hiring top kitchen staff, your restaurant’s reputation and future literally is at stake. As loyal as a staff member may be, if he or she does not possess the culinary skills and vision to excite your customers, a promotion will not work. Additionally, restaurant managers are subject to long hours and must possess a finesse for customer service and a “the customer is always right” attitude. Even the most hardworking employees may lack this customer-service focus. Without it, a restaurant manager is doomed to fail.

Hiring and promoting employees can be a slippery slope. Your insurance policy should be iron-clad and reliable. We can’t help you choose your next chef or manager, but we can ensure that you have a restaurant insurance policy you can count on. Call us at Walker & Associates Insurance, (888) 760-7292 for peace of mind.