Should Your Restaurant do Corporate Events Catering?

While serving stellar food and upholding quality customer service is a recipe for a great restaurant reputation, the increasing competition in the hospitality space has led some owners to seek out additional business ventures. Therefore, many restaurant owners are tapping into the corporate catering market. By hosting these events, your restaurant can earn additional income and snag a part of the $10 billion that catering earns each year. Corporate catering or not, be sure to secure your operation with a customized Indianapolis Restaurant Insurance program.

This opportunity is not strictly for full-service restaurants. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, corporate catering has become a growth opportunity not just for full-service restaurants but also other types such as fast-casual. For example, in Dinova’s marketplace, 55 percent of fast-casual restaurant spending is in corporate catering. That’s a booming number for an already fast growing segment. Within Dinova, fast-causal has grown 33 percent year-over-year among business diners.

When these dinners and lunches are catered successfully, your restaurant can earn repeat business. The administrators and even planners appreciate high quality food, service, and delivery. If you can coordinate these steps and ensure the party goes off without a hitch, you can build volume and loyalty with corporate catering.

To accomplish this, focus on businesses that spend a lot on corporate dining. The emerging market for corporate parties can add significant revenue to your business, so start advertising your services now. Contact local businesses, offer promotion codes to get started, and take notes on the type of food they wish to have.

Repeat business can also be scored by offering convenient and personalized services. Be consistent and thorough with each corporate catering request to leave a lasting impression, explains the article.

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