Restaurant Owners: Working with Health Inspectors

It’s a common misconception that health inspectors and restaurant owners are adversaries. However, this isn’t the case. As health inspectors work to ensure each operation is safe, efficient and sanitary, restaurant owners can learn from these professionals to better their establishments. In this article, we will explore just how owners and chefs can work with health inspectors compatibly. In addition, don’t forget to protect your investment with a customized Indianapolis Restaurant Insurance policy.

Uphold professionalism and courtesy.

Encourage managers to ask the inspector questions. They should feel free to dispute any violations they feel are inaccurate, but they should raise disputes in a professional, nonconfrontational way. When you disagree with an inspector’s assessment, ask how he or she arrived at that decision, and offer your interpretation of the regulations. The discussion often can help you arrive at a solution, explains the National Restaurant Association.

Be prompt about fixing mistakes.

A repeat violation might give the inspector the impression that your management does not take the violations seriously. Be prompt about responding to mistakes and criticisms to achieve a better score. If your restaurant receives a lot of markdowns, show the health inspector your plan for corrective action.

Get involved.

Get involved in the local and state advisory committees in order to get a better understanding of the health inspector codes and how you can stay abreast of current and future issues.

Ask for advice.

If you’re planning on implementing new menu items or processes, ask for a health inspector’s advice. Not only will you ensure everything runs smoothly, you will also demonstrate your concern and attention to detail. Remember, these professionals are experts and are there to help, so take advantage of learning from them to better your business.


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