Identifying Your Small Business’ Augmented Reality Risks

Pokemon Go is a live, interactive game allowing players to use their smart phones to become  Pokemon trainers, catch Pokemon, and battle other players.  In fact, many small business owners have incorporated Pokemon Go in to their marketing strategy, often offering incentives for customers to come to visit their store. However, despite the benefits a business could reap from games like Pokemon Go,  your business can find itself  on the receiving end of workers comp claims and even lawsuits. An Indiana Small Business Insurance Policy protects you from an array of liability claims, including employee or customer injuries on your premises.

Augmented Reality: For Businesses, it Means Potential Benefits and Definite Risks

If your business happens to be located near a Pokestop or Pokemon Gym, consider it a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you’ve probably already noticed a drastic increase in foot traffic, which is a potential benefit to your business  On the other hand, when swarms of distracted, Pokemon Go players descend upon your business, this can put your business at risk.

An article on Forbes noted that distracted walking accidents have spiked since the game launched in July. For example, what if a distracted player chasing a Pidgey misses the“Caution: Wet Floor” sign and hurts themselves? As unjust as it may seem, if it happens on your property, you can be held liable.

What can you do? First and foremost, make sure you have an iron-clad general liability policy. Next, take a walk around the exterior and interior of your business and identify the biggest risks facing someone walking around not watching where he’s going. If you can move things around to eliminate risks, do that. If you can’t, post warning signs “Watch out for steps” or “Careful: Glass partition ahead.” This will show that you did your part to warn patrons and to keep them safe.

Augmented reality is a new reality in today’s tech-savvy world. If your insurance policy doesn’t include verbiage addressing augmented reality risks, that’s something you should change sooner rather than later. Call Walker & Associates Insurance at (888) 760-7292. We will be happy to review your policy and add any protections that may be missing.