Using Social Media to Promote your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is a challenging one. Competition is fierce and the potential for lawsuits is high. To succeed as a restaurateur, you need to protect yourself from bogus and legitimate lawsuits with an ironclad Indianapolis Restaurant Liability policy. You also need to market your restaurant effectively. Using social media to promote your restaurant is highly effective and cost effective.

Target Multiple Social Media Sites

According to a Pew Research Center survey, while Facebook remains the top social media site, its growth is flat. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are rapidly gaining ground and attracting users. Consequently, if you’re launching a social media marketing campaign, make sure you cover multiple social media sites. Each site tends to attract a unique demographic. If you focus only on one, you’re limiting your visibility. Definitely create a Facebook fan page, but also tweet about your restaurant, claim your listing on Foursquare and encourage check-ins, etc.

Create a Blog

Your restaurant has a website (if it doesn’t, you absolutely need to get one immediately!) Your website is of little use if search engines don’t pick it up when a potential customer searches for “Indianapolis Italian restaurant” (insert your cuisine of choice.) To increase the likelihood that potential customers see your website, add a blog and update it regularly. Keep posts lively, informative, and/or entertaining. The more often you blog, the higher your site will rank with search engines.

Create a Vlog

A “Vlog” is a video blog. Consider spicing up your website with video cooking tutorials, interviews with your chefs or guests, or enticing footage of your daily specials. You can also create a YouTube channel for your restaurant. Many studies show that video marketing is highly effective and that customers overwhelmingly prefer video media.

Court Those Yelpers

You’ve heard of Yelp – it’s where folks go to read and leave restaurant reviews. It’s imperative that you keep tabs on your Yelp presence. Add photos of your restaurant, encourage regulars to leave positive reviews, and by all means respond to unflattering reviews. Yelp also has opportunities to advertise on the site if you have the budget.

Using social media to promote your restaurant is smart. Be consistent, and you’ll increase your restaurant’s online presence and attract new customers. Protecting your restaurant with a solid insurance policy is far easier. Simply call Walker & Associates Insurance at (888) 760-7292. We would love to provide a free quote.