Staffing Your New Business

When you operate a startup business, you wear many hats.  In the beginning, you’re stretched thin and more prone to make errors. In fact, some of the most important hats you wear is that of interviewer, recruiter, and human resources person. In addition to having Management Liability insurance, you need to hire talent. Here are some considerations when staffing your new business.

Consider Part-timers and Contractors

You need help, yet you don’t necessarily need full-time employees. Identify what you really need help with. If you need someone to answer your phones and greet customers coming into your business, you may need a full-time employee. If you need accounting help, assistance with your website, or occasional administrative tasks, a part-timer or contractor may be a smarter choice. According to the Harvard Business School, about 40% of startups fail. One reason new businesses fail is that they can’t sustain their staffing and overhead costs. Hire prudently.

Reach out to Your Contacts

It’s usually safer to hire someone who has been recommended by someone you know and trust, and who understands the type of employee you’re looking for. You are busy and probably don’t relish the thought of wading through stacks of resumes or scores of emails from people you don’t know. Ask your network of friends, relatives, and associates to help you identify strong prospects.

Embrace Social Media

Use sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to research possible candidates before you invite them for an interview. You can learn much about a person by what he or she posts on social media. Additionally, mine these sites for candidates. If you find a LinkedIn profile you’re impressed with, it can’t hurt to reach out to that person either through LinkedIn or by using an Internet search engine to find his or her contact information. How would you feel if someone sought you out to offer you a job interview? Whether you were interested in interviewing or not, you would probably feel flattered.

As you work to put together the perfect team to take your business to the next level, let our team at Walker & Associates Insurance work to put together a comprehensive business insurance policy to protect you from management liability issues and other risks associated with running a business. Call us today at (888) 760-7292 to get started.