How to Take Care of Your Employees

Unless you’re a sole proprietorship, without your employees your business would probably grind to a screeching halt. You carry Indiana Workers Compensation insurance because you know that workplace accidents and injuries can and do happen, even in organizations that are proactive about workplace safety. It’s in your best interest to know how to take care of your employees so they’ll feel valued and, if they are injured on the job, they’ll be able to recover and return to work as soon as possible.

Take Steps to Prevent the Most Common Office Injury

According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the most common way office workers become injured at work is by falling. Falling may not sound like it would lead to serious injury, but Centers for Disease Control research indicates that falls lead to more cases of disability than any other accident. To reduce the risks in your workplace, clean up spills promptly, remove clutter from walkways, have loose carpeting repaired, and have stepladders readily available so employees can use a ladder rather than a wobbly chair to reach items.

Be Sympathetic if an Employee is Injured

You don’t want your employees to be out of pocket, and your employees don’t want to suffer a painful injury. On-the-job injuries are lose-lose scenarios for you and your injured employee. Employees who are injured will value your empathy and support, and will appreciate you checking in with them as they recover.

Report the Injury Right Away and Help Your Employee Use His Benefits

The more quickly an injured employee gets medical care, the more quickly he’ll be heal and be able to return to work. It can be tough navigating the ins and outs of insurance, especially if you’re in pain. If an injured employee is having trouble understanding his benefits, help him (or appoint someone to help him) secure in-network medical care.

It’s good business to take steps to reduce workplace risks, and to have comprehensive workers compensation coverage. Call Walker & Associates Insurance at (888) 760-7292 for a free quote.