These Simple Human Errors Can Be Startling Sources of Cyber Liability

Typically, when something like a security breach or data theft makes headlines, the outside factors that caused this to happen are usually the company and its clients’ main priority. There tends to be attention on who broke in and how they did it, but in reality there’s a lot going on inside a company that causes an increase in cyber liability, and taking the time as a business to assess these risks and improve their organization’s security.

The role that employees play in cyber liability is growing and everyday tips along with local cyber security insurance, such as a  Carmel cyber liability insurance policy, can help to defend against it. In 2016, IBM fund that 60% of all attacks were carried out by insiders. From these attacks, nearly 75% involved malicious intent, and 25% involved inadvertent actors.

It’s important to know just how vital an employee’s role is in keeping things secure inside a company. The one thing that businesses across the globe have in common is the people behind their daily goings on, and all are able to pose a potential threat. Here are a few examples of human error that increases cyber liability.

Weak Password Security

A lot of people dismiss passwords as just a quick login hurdle, but in reality they really do block against serious threats. Passwords are the most basic security feature that can provide reliable protection if used correctly. However, if passwords aren’t taken seriously, or even changed upon installation, they can be easily hacked or obtained by outside forces, which gives them full access to the main system.

From simple passwords to sharing passwords, there are a number of ways in which employees are upping the opportunity for cyber threats.

Not Handling Data Carefully

When an employee works with large amounts of data or they handle sensitive material, they can sometimes accidentally leak or compromise it all out of simple carelessness. Small, simple mistakes can actually lead to a much bigger issue. These small mistakes can come in the form of sending data by email, like when office workers include an address or password inside a message, or by deleting files that should remain on the system.

Poor Software Security

Some employees forget to follow proper instructions when it comes to security procedures. As a result, they put fast and efficient work hours ahead of security of software they use to protect their data. Employees often neglect updates that take a while to install or come up at inconvenient times, like during a meeting or big project. But leaving software updates unattended to can open the door for more serious cyber threats.

Not Recognizing an Attack Attempt

A very easy way that data can be breached due to human error is by opening the door to malicious malware. Employees don’t usually consider just how serious an attack is due to phishing and social engineering, which inadvertently help malicious actors get access to data. This can come in the form clicking on spam email or a pop-up window offering certain deals on clothing. Sometimes employees even see downloads for software available and think they are from the company. Clicking on these can cut through a system’s data security.

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