Watch Out For These Hiring Red Flags

According to the Public Law Research Institute, the number of terminations are on the rise nationwide. If you hire someone and later discover you’ve made a mistake, getting rid of him or her can be detrimental to your company. One way to avoid this altogether is by watching out for the following red flags.  As you continue to expand your business, it pays to be selective in your recruiting process. Furthermore, make sure you review your Indiana Business Insurance policies. As you add employees and become profitable, your existing coverage should be modified to ensure you’re protected.

A Candidate Arrives Unprepared or Late to the Interview

If a job-seeker cannot manage to educate himself about your company; come up with questions to ask; gather together his resume, references, and portfolio; and show up on time, move on to the next candidate. Lack of preparation is disrespectful, lazy, and demonstrative that a candidate lacks the basic elements you’d expect in a quality employee.

A Candidate Disparages Past Employers

A common reason why people decide to interview for new jobs is that they don’t see eye to eye with their present employer. It is completely inappropriate for a job-seeker to speak poorly about his current or past bosses. That shows a lack of respect and begs the question, “Will this candidate talk behind my back if I hire him?”

A Candidate Overly Focused on The Job’s Perks

It’s great when a candidate asks questions during an interview. It shows that he has done his homework and is interested in the position he’s interviewing for. Be wary, though, if a job applicant asks more questions about your business’s benefits, bonus structure, and vacation policy than he asks about what his job would entail. That is indicative that a candidate is looking out for himself, rather than desiring to contribute to your business’s success.

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