What Affects Your Workplace Environment: The Good and the Bad

Working in a positive and friendly environment, across most industries, is not only a desirable pipe dream from employees, it’s a possibility that can be encouraged from the top down. Creating a happy work environment is the key to successful small businesses and large corporations alike who want to see growth in not only their business, but their employee base.

FastCompany pointed to a recent study from the University of Warwick that shows that happiness led to a 12% jump in productivity overall. Unhappy workers, however, showed a 10% drop in productivity, highlighting just how important it is to create a positive work environment.

Let’s first look at some things to avoid in a workplace when it comes to cultivating happiness, and then some effective ways to create positivity.

Negative Signs

Inconsistent Policies and Favoritism

Toxic work environments can be spurred on by many factors, but having noticeable favoritism among the ranks and shifting policies are two surefire ways to lower morale. If your employees start to notice favoritism among their peers they can feel out of place, unwanted and of little importance. When some people get special privileges over others, this creates a feeling of division. Make sure you’re no singling anyone or any small group of employees out over others so you can create a feeling of equality and camaraderie.

Absent Leaders

It’s always important to stay engaged with your employees, no matter how busy things get when running a business or being in a management role. Employees notice when their bosses and higher-ups aren’t engaged or even missing. If the only people in the office are those who earn smaller paychecks, that’s a sign of poor leadership. Owners, managers, executives–they should all make their presence known (in a positive way) by staying in touch and staying communicative with their employees on a regular basis.

Positive Signs


While there are plenty more negative ways that work environment can be affected, we can look at some positive tips to start from. Piggybacking off the previous note, communication and engagement are key. Clear ad positive communication may sound easy to implement and to promise, but it needs to be forged into the makeup of a business.

Create a balance of positive communication and continue to be present in and around the office or workplace. This shows leadership, transparency and genuine care for projects and your employees’ well-being.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Skating over accomplishments will make people feel like they’re not valued and it will also make them feel like they’re not getting anything right. Managers and executives need to recognize what their employees are doing right and show appreciation. This will boost morale, supply some relaxation from tension around projects, and bolster a feeling of togetherness.


Building trust between leaders and employees is an important step to creating overall positivity around a business. This creates a give-and-take approach to a team-like atmosphere. When leaders trust their employees with responsibilities in their jobs and allow them to solve problems and to even fail at times, they show that they’re allowing employees to grow.

One way to show this level of trust is to delegate tasks and offer opportunities to take on more responsibility. Employees will need to put their trust in you that you will be honest with them in terms of expectations, but this will only help to reinforce transparency and boost positivity.

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